Grand Opening

One of a Kind

You’ll find a very special style of Thai cuisine every day at the new Fresh & Natural Thai Kitchen. Master chef Pearl Pardee has created mouth-watering dishes based on her long admired macrobiotic and organic cooking style over the last 25 years as owner of Thai Spices Natural Restaurant.

Nutritious Made Delicious

Pearl Pardee, owner of Thai Spices Natural Restaurant has had the dream of opening this restaurant for almost 20 years. Pearl’s greatest desire has been to help people understand about healthy food and make it taste as delicious as possible.

25 Years of Food Experience

25 years later along comes a fresh and natural style of Thai restaurant offering unique, healthy food items from a brand new built from scratch custom designed green environmental style building in Sedona.

20 Years In The Making

FN Thai was built from scratch using some of the finest state of the art equipment and building methods available today. Every inch of space of carefully calculated over a 20 year plan that Pearl Pardee had to bring Sedona the best quality and tasting fresh Thai cusuine.

Endless Possibilities

CREATE YOUR OWN THAI BOWLS – Choose a BASE of jasmine rice, brown rice, soba noodles,  artichoke noodles, rice noodles, millet, quinoa – PROTEIN – beef, chicken, tofu, shrimp, tempeh, Thai bean trio, veggie patty – VEGETABLES – bok choy, broccoli

Fresh & Natural Thai Kitchen has been in the works for over 20 years from the original plans that were drawn up over 20 years ago, to planning the space, working thru years of issues with the city and county to attain proper permits and licenses.

FN Thai is a monumental effort and collaboration of many local professionals led by Paul Davis every step of the way to get the restaurant built.